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Cowgirls Introducing Black Rodeo Across the Country 


It’s part family reunion, part traveling museum, and quite literally a wild ride. Going to the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo (BPIR) entertains spectators with flair that infuses Black culture into familiar rodeo events and highlights Black history with a focus on family.


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Press Release: Crown Royal Hats Off Grant 




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Rodeo celebrates black cowboys and cowgirls in the history of the American West

The American Old West often conjures up images of white cowboys riding across the frontier. But in reality, historians estimate that one in four cowboys were actually black. This little-known part of history is now being celebrated at a special rodeo event honoring the significant contributions of black cowboys and cowgirls.



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2024 Hats Off Award Recipients




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BPIR 40th Anniversary

Succeeding against the odds. The BPIR's history is a lesson on desire, vision, perseverance. and legacy. The BPIRF is and extension of that legacy. 

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